Perceptive Core Stability

A Six Day Course with Kevin Frank

Holderness, NH

June 25 - July 1, 2014 (June 28 is a day off)

Offered as Rolf Movement® CE and Type I, IASI CE*


The Structural Integration series touches on but doesnt fully address core stability, leaving unresolved issues that fascial and spinal manipulation can’t truly repair. Stability is part of healthy coordination and healthy coordination is restored with rehabilitation based on perception-based movement.


·    Perceptive core stability is an experiential course to understand the coordinative basis for structural integration; and why conventional core stability programs often fail to help people with musculo­skeletal complaints and fail to rehabilitate people from injuries and surgeries.


·    Chronic  back, hip, and neck pain are indicative of chronic instability. In this workshop we will cover the theory and practice of working with stability issues in all phases of doing structural integration.


·    Perceptual change gives the body an opportunity for more appropriate movement patterns, and for new, more appropriate responses to be elicited. New patterns are reinforced with efficient self-care exercise.

·    Genuine core stability is a natural expression of our being, and demonstrates a cardinal rule of structural integration:

as our body meets demand, it gets longer rather than shorter; it gets more spacious rather than contracted.


·    Perceptive core stability helps us learn to use perception to remap the body and the “action space” so the

“movement brain” can make efficient and pleasurable choices to meet daily demands.


Each day of the workshop will involve theory, perceptive movement, and application to the fascial series, on the table, seated, standing and meeting familiar daily loads. Self-care exercises will be slowed down so we learn them from the inside out. Each day is about helping you understand how you learn. Our job is to help others learn skills that are new and, at first, counterintuitive.


Cost: $900 ($450 deposit)
Mail to: Resources in Movement,
5 Franks Ln, Holderness, NH 03245.

Contact: to register or call 603 968-9585

rkshop held at Resources in Movement Studio in Holderness, NH, on the shore of White Oak Pond, a quiet lake in Central NH. Nearest airports are Manchester, NH (MHT) and Boston, MA (BOS).

Housing available on site for $50 pp/pn.  Nearby motel/B &B accommodations can be found at

Workshop Site offers boating, swimming, wood fired hot tub, and close access to hiking.



Kevin Frank is a Certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement ® Instructor. He has worked with the tonic function approach to structural integration since 1991 and writes articles on this work. (
He is the co-author (with Caryn McHose) of How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness. In addition to his work with Hubert Godard, Kevin’s sources include the embodiment processes of Continuum (Emilie Conrad and
Susan Harper), the meditative inquiry work of Toni Packer, and Zen practice at the Rochester Zen Center. He also is informed by the perceptual movement work of Caryn McHose.

*In addition to 6 Days of Rolf Movement Credit for RISI members, this workshop earns 45

Type I CE credits for IASI members.