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Located on White Oak Pond in the beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire, Resources In Movement (RIM) enjoys the ideal natural environment for engaging in bodywork attuned to the basic elements of the earth.

Through individual sessions, classes, and workshops, Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose provide opportunities to engage in a range of activities that includes Rolfing Structural Integration, Bodywork, and Movement. Guest practitioners provide workshops and explorations in Continuum Movement, Perceptual - Cranial Sacral Bodywork, and other disciplines. (Please see "About RIM" and "Schedule" for more details about these areas.)

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We are excited to share our knowledge and experience with you via this website.  This site is a continuing work in progress and will evolve as time progresses.  So please check in often!

Caryn McHose 
Kevin Frank


Caryn and Kevin's new book
How Life Moves
is now available.

"Kevin and Caryn lead us quietly into the depths of our being, exploring a unique somatic psychology that expands the value of movement far beyond the limited definition of 'fitness'"

Tom Myers, Certified Advanced Rolfer, Founder of Kinesis Structural Integration School, author of Anatomy Trains


" a deep, expansive, and joyous journey that will forever change your perspective on what it is to
be alive."

James L. Oschman, Ph.D., author of
Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis.



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